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Novice to Advanced



CBT- 'L' from 50cc to 125cc

I am a DSA nationally qualified instructor and have been since 2004, I am self employed and working for VALE MOTO TRAINING LLANDOW . If you are looking for training at this level I can instruct you.

DAS- 'L' from 500cc

My qualifications include training in this category, I have gained a successful reputation as a motorcycle instructor, and have a good track record of passes.
The new test format is excellent and has proven to make the student rider more accomplished in their riding skills early on.
Module 1 this is where you as the rider learn to control the bike building on your CBT input... there is nothing difficult in this section, so give it a go.
Module 2 is the road ride, again thanks to Module 1 containing the set pieces(U turn, emergency stop, etc) this is your time to enjoy a ride around a route and prove your skills to the examiner.

Go ON give it a go

Enhanced Rider Scheme(Click here for more info & prices)

The DSA launched this scheme in order to provide further training to riders. The scheme offers an assessment or full training which results in a BONUS certificate being awarded. This being a recognised award enables reduction on a riders Insurance policy(check out the link)
I am again a certified instructor with the DSA for this, so no matter what level of rider you beleive yourself to be its well worth an assessment or better still get some great tutuion from me which will put you onto the right path of advanced riding.
Contact me for details

Advanced Riding

I am a emergency Grade1 advance motorcycle instructor, I can offer you training to a very high standard. However don't be fooled the methods and disciplines involved in advanced riding take weeks to perfect. So I'll set you up with the basics intially then depending on your time can incorparate extra hours or days to get you right up on the pace. I can also set you on to the path for IAM or ROSPA.
Check out my lesson plans for the key areas in advanced riding.
Contact me for details