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Tuesday 15th April 2008  

Meet the Biking Adventurer

As a result of an article in MCN picked up by STEVE we planned a ride to meet CHARLEY BOORMAN as he starts his new VENTURE...........Ireland to Australia 'BY ANY MEANS'

The Event
The meeting point was J10 M40 at 0830 hours, there must have been approximately 800+ bikers, riding all types of machines.

We had 1/2 hour to re-group get some photos and make our way in a large convoy to the ACE cafe, north circular, LONDON.

The ride was a spectacular sight CHARLIE and RUSS riding classic British bikes, followed by riders from all over the UK. Three lanes of the M40 was taken up with bikers...Brilliant

The programme will take some 3-4months to complete as CHARLIE uses varying modes of transport to achieve his aim of reaching Sydney AUSTRALIA.

Click here to check on CHARLIE'S progress

Shots of the day